KBI Group announces China JV

WuHai, Inner Mongolia, is a region with extensive coal mining. Significant environmental pollution is caused by toxic low quality residue from coal production called coal gangue (CG), which is unusable in coal fired power stations and other processes. Over the years, intensive mining has left millions of tons of this CG piled up, making the area resemble a gigantic moonscape and in urgent need of cleaning up. To date, there were no effective solutions despite efforts and investments.

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Example of millions of tons of coal gangue residues, growing each day

KBI technicians adapted HTCW technology, called MTCW (Medium Temperature Conversion of Waste), which is capable of viably processing coal gangue in large volumes and, like HTCW, is patent registered. MTCW works in combination with HTCW which provides additional calorific value by processing municipal waste.

The newly formed Joint Venture vehicle for China, Shanxi WES Environment Technologies Ltd, is jointly owned by Inner Mongolia Tian Jian Environmental Technologies Ltd (acting as General Contractor), China Shanxi Zhenghe Power Plant Construction Design & Research Co Ltd (ISO9001 engineering) and the KBI Group (engineering of the MTCW / HTCW core installations). Both Chinese companies are well experienced in relevant heavy engineering projects on a national basis and are firms of long standing repute in China.

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Signing of JV contract on 16 Nov 2009 - left to right: Mr. Yin Shi, Chairman of Inner Mongolia Tian Jian Environmental Technologies Ltd; Mr. Johann Kellerer, Chairman KBI Group; Mr. Li Jianru, Chairman of China Shanxi Zhenghe Power Plant Construction Design and Research Co. Ltd.

With a phased technology and know-how transfer, the KBI Group provides the required engineering, manufacturing, consultancy and liaison services to the Chinese partner companies who own, fund and operate the projects.

The first phase for WuHai, already in the planning process, will have a capacity of 50.000 tons of coal gangue and 10.000 tons of municipal waste. The clean synthesis gas produced by the MTCW process will be converted into methanol, eventually culminating in annual production of 200,000 tons by processing 800,000 tons of coal gangue and municipal waste.

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MTCW / HTCW WuHai Plant – ground plan of final stage

Total investment for this first complete site in China will be around 130 million Euros, funded by private Chinese investors, State environmental subsidies and an institutional loan.

Future plans include the construction of 52 HTCW & MTCW plants including 8 for HTCW municipal waste, 40 MTCW coal gangue and low quality coal and 4 HTCW specialised hazardous materials treatment plants in various locations in China.

Following a presentation of HTCW to WuHai’s mayor and other town officials, the mayor had expressed his firm support for establishing the site for the first MTCW / HTCW plant in WuHai.
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Left to right:front row: Mr. Wang Zilin, Vice Governor of the WuDa-District ; Dr. E. Tischer, technical expert KBI Group; Mrs. Ren Haiyan, assistant of Mr. Yin Shi; Mr. Johann Kellerer, Chairman KBI Group; Mr. Yin Shi, Chairman TSJ; Mr. Feng Yuzhen, Vice-Mayor of WuHai; Prof. Bo, technical expert; Dang Wenyu,office director of NDRC*; Mrs. Zhou Yun, KBI Group; Mrs. Kirstin Rathmann, KBI Group; Mr. Wuchert, technical expert KBI Group

2nd row: xx; xx; xx(the three are office staff of local government); Mr. Li Jianru, China Shanxi Zhenghe Ltd.; Mr. Hou Jie, TSJ; Mr. Hu zhen,TSJ; Mrs. Rong de Bortolli, Translator; Mr. Tian Weifu,Shanxi North Machine-building Co.,Ltd(247); Mr. He Hanyue, Shanxi North Machine-building Co.,Ltd(247)

3rd row: Mr. Li Yaxin, assistant of Mr. Yin Shi; Mr. Yang Wei, director of industrial department of NDRC;Mr. Guo, TSJ; Mr. Li, vice diretor-genera of Ministry of Environmental Protection ; Mr. Guo Changghai, TSJ;Mr. Jia Qingdong,Director of Merchants Bureau; Dr. Wang zhaohui,Post-doctor of coal industry
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